Body mass index over 35

This number is not an absolute figure, it rather depends on patient’s earlier maximum weight. Patients with a lower BMI (35-39) are only operated on in case they suffer from some serious concomitant diseases, e.g. II type diabetes or high blood pressure. It is recommended for patients to lose 5-10% of overweight prior to operation.

Age (over 18)

The recommended age for patients operated on should fall between 18 – 60. In case of patients over 60, the operation is possible however it depends on his or her general health condition. It is best to operate on a patient before concomitant illnesses develop, thereby preventing the further progress of seminal disease.

Patient’s knowledge about overweight and the need to change the lifestyle

More specifically, the patient must understand that becoming fat is a chronic disease and the operation is the sole effective method giving relief. Operation however is just a means, and to achieve sustainable and satisfactory results the patient must be ready to change his or her lifestyle and nutritional habits. It is recommended to try out all other weight reducing methods before operation, and to reserve the operation as the last option. Patient must be braced both physically and spiritually to cope with the changes and the potential post-operative problems.

Smoking and alcohol

Patient’s are advised not to smoke for 2 weeks before the operation, and to use this opportunity to drop smoking altogether. Patients with drinking problems will not be operated on.

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