Pregnant patients will not be operated on. Women are recommended to avoid getting pregnant during 1 year after operation, using the most efficient birth control pills to the effect. For that purpose women are advised to consult their gynaecologists. In case of a later pregnancy or pregnancy in the first postoperative year, which the patient does not wish to interrupt, the gynaecologist, nutritional advisor or surgeon must be promptly referred to. During pregnancy it is extremely important to consume the necessary amount of nutrients, vitamins (especially folic acid) and microelements, in order to avoid the aberrations in foetus and various pregnancy pathologies. Surveys have shown that in case those recommendations are observed, the bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) will reduce the health risks related to pregnancy pathologies of fat women, aberrations in foetuses and childbirth.

Smoking and alcohol

Patient’s are advised not to smoke for 2 weeks before the operation, and to use this opportunity to drop smoking altogether. Patients with drinking problems will not be operated on.

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